Sorry I have not sent out any updates sooner due to after returning home from vacation
I had to call the sheriff and report my 1982 Toyota pickup stolen, I just spent $1800.00
to have the transmission repaired.

On a positive note MMT is growing, MMT has  acquired two small hosting companies
and a new business partner Jim Nelson who I have known for the past ten years.

The billing is moving to the site is under construction
as we move all billing to one domain.

your account will be set up and the login details will be sent to your email
address on file with MMT if you do not find the email you can always
us the lost password link and reset your password.

Thank Your for being a valued client if you have any questions please submit a
support ticket I will start moving all clients to the new billing on july 1st


you will find a link to login to the new billing  on MMT under the control center link
on the menu.