In the next few emails, I’m going to show you how to improve your sender reputation and subscriber engagement so you can get more emails delivered and see a significant increase in your opens, clicks, and sales.
Sound good? Let’s get to it…
Email marketing has changed drastically over the last few years. We’ve seen open rates plummet, reader engagement fall, and it seems that people just aren’t as responsive as they used to be.
The fact is… there are a lot more marketers competing for inbox real estate and a lot more hype than ever before, which results in unopened emails and poor response.
Many marketers just accept this as “normal” and resort to the churn and burn method of email marketing. But there is a better way – a smarter way to get more people to open your emails, read your content, and take action.
Think about this…
If you have a list of 10,000 people and your open rate is 10%, if only 2,000 of those emails actually make it to their destination, then you’ll get 200 people to open your emails.
But what if you could double your email delivery rate? Well obviously, you would double your opens, clicks, and sales.
And that’s what I’ll show you how to do in this email series…
Here are the three factors that affect email deliverability:
  1. Email Authentication – convincing ISPs that you’re not a spammer
  2. Sender Reputation – your blacklist status, how often you mail and how many people complain and/or unsubscribe
  3. Reader Engagement – the percentage of people who open, click, and share your emails
Email Authentication
ISPs like AOL, Gmail or Yahoo! (as well as corporate email servers) use three authentication methods to verify sender identity in an attempt to stop spammers:
  • DKIM (“sent by” header)
  • SPF (“mailed by” header)
  • Sender ID (helps prevents phishing scams)
Fortunately, if you use a service like MegaMarketingTools, you don’t have to worry about email authentication because they take care of that for you.
In my next email to you, I’ll cover the factors that affect your sender reputation, which is vital to getting your emails delivered.
Meanwhile, I suggest you download my Extreme List Building System so you can build your list faster and make more of the green stuff that we all crave.