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Sorry I have not sent out any updates sooner due to after returning home from vacation
I had to call the sheriff and report my 1982 Toyota pickup stolen, I just spent $1800.00
to have the transmission repaired.

On a positive note MMT is growing, MMT has  acquired two small hosting companies
and a new business partner Jim Nelson who I have known for the past ten years.

The billing is moving to WebsiteManagers.net the site is under construction
as we move all billing to one domain.

your account will be set up and the login details will be sent to your email
address on file with MMT if you do not find the email you can always
us the lost password link and reset your password.

Thank Your for being a valued client if you have any questions please submit a
support ticket I will start moving all clients to the new billing on july 1st


you will find a link to login to the new billing  on MMT under the control center link
on the menu.


Good Day all Megamarketingtools Clients.

My name is Steve Pershall and I am the owner of Megamarketingtools.

I wanted to say hi to all MMT clients, their is some changes coming to MMT.

I want to keep every one in the loop, but today I am traveling to visit my Mother

who is in a nursing home in Soda Springs Idaho,

I will be sending out another update in a couple days when I return home on Wednesday.

how to update wordpress

WordPress 3.5.2

is now available, Keeping WordPress up dated is very important updates fixes bug and security issues.
to update wordpress to the latest  version simply log into your wordpress dashboard, once in your dash board you will
see the number 
of updates that are available indicated by the image

Dashboard update- WordPressBellow the number of updates available you will see the version of  wordpress that is available,  by clicking Please update now will take you to the update page where you can update wordpress 

Dashboard update- WordPress-2

Click the Update Now button and your wordPress will be updated

Dashboard update- WordPress-3

Congratulations your wordPress is now up to Date  you should now see 


Welcome to WordPress 3.5.2


Thank you for updating to the latest version! WordPress 3.5.2 is more polished and enjoyable than ever before. We hope you like it.


Keeping your wordpress up to date will insure you have a secure website from hackers.

Are You Safe from Hackers

I’m sure you’ve seen the news reports during the last 72+ hours about a “massive” “global” “distributed” brute force attack on WordPress systems.

MegaMarketingTools is no different than any one else  we have seen our share of attacks in the past 72+ hours, you may have notice the intermittent  service outage. This brings me to my next point I would like to make.

Ask your Self  as a hosting Client what is your responsibility to help with the security and stability of the servers?

The biggest responsibility you as a Client have if you are using wordpress is to  keep wordpress and all themes installed up today, by doing this it will insure that hackers will not be able to take advantage of  wordpresses known weaknesses.

If you have wordpress installed do yourself and your hosting provider a huge favor and log into your wordpress and do any updates needed be sure to do this with all wordpress installations on all domains.

then be sure to install wordfence you can read an email I received from wordfence after the attacks started

I have installed wordfence on every domain I manage and i believe this is the most important plugin you can have.
Read about Wordfence if you need help installing wordfence I would be glade to help you install and set it up all you need to do is submit a support ticket

January important update

 MMT News.

Our IT Dept has been making some changes to MMT’s website stop in and have a sneak peak.

When MMT was launch, MMT was a forced matrix affiliate program and for the matrix we had to run MLM software.

MMT is now a single tier affiliate program that is paying 33% commission to all affiliates who refers active clients. This also allowed us to start using PayPal. Since we have made the changes to our new affiliate program we have implemented a new affiliate software to track affiliate commissions and a new control center, with this said you can still access the old affiliate software through this link  all data will remain active for one year.

MegaListBuilderPro is MMT’s autoresponder that is provided with all MMT’s packages, in the past you had to log into your autoresponder from the MegaListBuilderPro website, now with the new control center you can access the autoresponder and splashpagebuilder and your hosting cpanel all  form the MMT control center.

We have also added some wordpress and cpanel tutorial videos in the control center.

To move to the new control center please send us a support ticket and we will be glad to assist you.

Whats in the works for 2013.

MMT’s IT Dept is working on.

  • WordPress Plugins
    • MMT Azon (Amozon wordpress plugin)
    • MMT  wordpress Optin plugin (wordpress List Building plugin)
    • And more wordpress plugins.
  •   url shortner

The release date of the new products will be announced soon.



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