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Upgrade and receive  a 20% discount on your Mega Marketing Tools
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  •  Auto-Responder
  •  Splash Page Creator
  • Prebuilt Lead Capture Pages

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Affiliate Programs, Part 1


Affiliate Programs, Part 1

Today, I am going to focus on online marketing tools affiliate programs – these are not real exciting, but people need and use them. These programs can bring in monthly or yearly residual income.

Everyone doing business online needs to have hosting. If you can catch people before they start their online business or switch there hosting and recommend a place to go to get their hosting, you can get commissions when they sign up for hosting. As you already know, you have to renew your hosting, and so will your customers. If you can get a commission from them every time they pay for there hosting, it will give you residual income.

Now granted, hosting affiliate programs are not real big money-makers. However, if you can bring in new customers on a regular basis, it can add up.

Another place to make a good commissions from  affiliates programs is a autoresponder affiliate program. Anyone who wants to use an autoresponder  will need a autoresponder account from a  autoresponder company. Autoresponders are charged on a monthly fee. So anyone you sign up will bring you a residual monthly commission. When you get enough people buying you will have a pretty good monthly resdual income, especially if you can keep getting new sign-ups!

All you have to do is to sign up for the MeagaMarketingTools.com affiliate program, and then whenever you send someone to your affiliate link, and someone buys, you will get a commission. And it is a MONTHLY residual income.

Untill next time

Affiliate Programs

Affiliate Programs

Affiliate Programs

Online Marketing Tools

Online Marketing Tools

If you are serious about online marketing you will need some Online Marketing Tools.

One of the things that has driven me insane in my years of Internet Marketing is the fact that, I have no HTML knowledge. And worse yet I haven’t a clue how to program PHP… Think about it, this is like delivering mail in the country with no car…Talking about pulling teeth, what a nightmare that would be…

This is a sad fact when the very thing needed in Branding yourself online is some type of Website.
You know, one of those sites that has my pretty little picture there and name and says “Join Me” I am the latest and greatest things since sliced bread kinda deals…You know what I am talking about…

Even worse, over 95% of the people out here in this jungle called online marketing have no clue how to build a simple Squeeze Page or even a Splash Page.
Yea, I know I could go out and get one of the those “Guru” sites, the all in the box sorta things, but I am way past that part of my life were I want to Brand someone else’s name. I simply have no interest in that anymore…I figured it out a while back that it was time for me to start branding myself…
There in lies the problem, I still have have no clue how to build a simple squeeze page to capture prospects to my list…
So we got to thinking, How about building a automated website builder that would do the hard work for us and low and behold, this thing has grown into a fully blown SEO Optimized Dream for the up and coming future “Top Gun” Internet Marketing or MLM Specialist…
As you will see below, I build a simple splash page with the Mega Splash Page Builder in about 5 minutes on my second try and the results were absolutely amazing…You can check out the page here that I built for my sister in-law..

Demo Page Click here.

To say the least, I am very excited about this online marketing tool…As I have no doubt, if I can do it, anyone can…

Online Marketing Tools

Online Marketing Tools

Online Marketing Tools

Mega Splash Pages

SEO optimization

SEO Optimization

SEO Optimization

SEO Optimization

One of the most important things you can do online is learn everything you can about SEO optimization.

SEO is the art of using Techniques to increase your Page ranking on Google and other top search engines. While there is serious competition on the internet with top rankings in search engines such as Google, you can achieve success with your site as long as you follow a few simple steps.

At MegaMarketingTools we have created a staggering set of SEO optimization tools for you to use to promote your website…

These SEO tools are divided into 13 sections inside the site.

The categories are, Website Rank Checkers, Back link Tools, Link Analyzer Tools, Search Engine Tools, Keyword Tools, Domain Tools, IP Tools, Header Tag Tools, Source Code Tools, Miscellaneous Tools, Webmaster Tools, Automated Submitter Tools and Email Tools for a total of 94 SEO Marketing Tools to help you brand your business online.

Please visit the SEO link in the back office for more information on how each tool will help you maximize your web presence on the net.

The following is a quick start on the fundamentals of SEO optimization.

As many web developers already know, Google is rated by many as the number one search engine in the world.

Getting indexed by Google can be a pain, but getting highly placed rankings for specific keywords seems to be the nut that not many web developers without SEO (search engine optimization) experience or seo training can crack.

In this quick start guide we’re going to give you an informative primer on the basics of search engine optimization techniques — many of which your competitors use everyday to optimize their websites to stay ahead of the competitors

4 Steps for Better SEO Rankings

By following these 4 steps you will be well on your way to better ranking on Google.

Step 1. Choosing The Right Keywords

Choosing the right keywords to base your web site optimization around is an important first step. General or generic keywords are usually not the best approach, and sometimes it’s better to be a little more specific and focus on niche keywords relating to your product or service.

1. Targeting a more suitable market that is looking for your content

2. Competing with fewer websites targeting the same keywords

3. Optimizing for keywords that people actually use when performing searches

Targeting a suitable market will depend on your website, as well as the products and services you offer. Try to be specific with your keywords, and remember that people no longer use single keyword search phrases – the average search phrase contains 3-5 related words.

For example, if you’re optimizing for a web development site and you’re located in Sydney, Australia, use keywords such as “web development Sydney” or “web development services Australia”.

To find out how many websites are competing with your keywords — either intentionally or not — simply do a search on Google and note down how many results are returned. The more sites that are competing for your keywords, the harder it will be to get on the front page.

Alternatively, to get a rough indication of how many people are actually searching for the keywords you want to optimize your site for, Visit our SEO tool kit page and you will find several links under Keyword Tools that will give you some general information on keywords used. It’s not exact, and doesn’t measure Google searches, but it does give a very good estimate.

There are also many tools listed under this category that will let you find other keywords you can use for your site. I have always said, “Practice makes perfect”. The best way to learn is dive in…Remember; Google can be your best friend. When you run into a problem, just type your issue into Google and you will find a host of answers to your question.

This is key:

As a rough guideline, try to optimize every page on your site for a different search phrase. Each search phrase should contain 2 to 3 highly targeted keywords.

Step 2. Your URL and Title Tag

Two of the most determining factors in Google’s ranking are your domain name and title tag. For example, a domain name such as:

http://www.web-development.com will generally get ranked higher than http://www.companyname.com, assuming that they had identical keywords and page content.

For some of us, keywords in the domain name look too unprofessional, and we’ve already registered our domain, so it’s too late to change. An alternative — and also a useful tactic — is to add your keywords into the names of your pages, such as http://www.companyname.com/seo-development-services.html

Your title tag is equally as important as your domain name. Using keywords in your title tag can improve your Google ranking significantly. Trying to achieve a balance of professionalism with keyword density in the title tag however is sometimes a little more difficult.

Using a good example of a web development company, a good title tag would be:

Usually, the closer to the front of your title tag the keywords are placed, the better.

Step 3. H1 Tags and Keyword Density

tags seem to have been depreciated by style sheets these days, and are not used as often as they used to be.

The Google ranking algorithm dictates that if you’re using a

tag, then the text in between this tag must be more important than the content on the rest of the page. Here’s a quick example:

Google sees this text as more important

… than this text

By default, H1 tags aren’t the prettiest in terms of formatting, so using a CSS style to override the default look is usually a good idea:

H1 { color: blue; font-family: Verdana; font-size: 16px }

Sprinkling keywords throughout your page content can also improve your sites keyword density. Keyword density simply means the ratio of optimized keywords to the rest of the content on your page. It is usually expressed as a percentage, and should be between 7% and 10% for each page on your site.

Don’t overdo the keyword density, however, but don’t overlook it either. A good example would be:


• Company name provides web design and site management services to our clients.


• Company name provides web development services to the Sydney region in Australia

Notice how we use the keywords more efficiently the second time around?

Step 4. Links, Links and More Links

And this leads us to the toughest part of the Google SEO process — back-links. Back links are websites that link directly to your website. The general principal is the more back links you have, the higher your pages will be ranked, as your website must be good if so many other sites are linking back to it.

If you run a web development company, then adding a simple link to the bottom of each of your client’s websites, such as:

Web development by Company Name

… (With your clients’ permission of course) can help boost your back links, which will help boost your ranking position in searches.

Submitting your site to dmoz.org, Yahoo! and other directories is also an important step to increase the number of sites linking back to yours. Do remember however, that setting up back links takes time.

I would recommend emailing 5-10 websites each and every day to request back-links or partnership links (keeping in mind that the sites contacted should be relevant but not competitive) e.g. – If you sell chocolate, partnering with a company that sells Roses may just be a good idea. Within a couple of weeks, you should have a good 100 or so sites happily linking back to yours!

Get the Mega SEO optimization Tool Kit Here…

To Your Success

Gary Johnson Jr

SEO Optimization

SEO Optimization

SEO Optimization

Hosting MMT and Site Builder Software

Hosting and Site Builder Software

Hosting and Site Builder Software

Hosting and Site Builder Software

One of the most important parts of online marketing, is the fact you must have dependable and secure web hosting. Hosting your own website online gives you the freedom of sending prospects to your page without the risk of having them detoured along the way by some random advertisement. Having your own controlled website to send your prospects to is something most internet marketers try to avoid as 99% of all online marketers don’t know the difference between HTML, FTP and CSS. And in today’s internet world this knowledge is crucial to online marketing success… Enter MegaMarketingTools. MegaMarketingTools has taken down the barriers of website building and supplied members with “State of the Art” Web Hosting that rivals Industry Giants such as Go Daddy and Host Gator Etc… Not only that, MegaMarketingTools also supplied members with a state of the art Site Builder that not only takes the burden of building your Home on the web from the ground up painless but, included such features as a Point and Click Editor, that will let you effortlessly create UNLIMITED pages and sub-pages while choosing from over 700 standard HTML templates and over 30 flash templates. Multiple color schemes are also available for each template to maximize your choices in web design. Also you can Easily generate contact forms loaded full of Flash, Banners, Bullets, Icons and Buttons and install your own Blog, FAQ, Guestbook, Newsletter, Photo Album & a whole lot more using MMT’s version of the Softabulous Script that is installed in the C-panel on the free hosting that comes with your MMT package. But don’t worry, if you’re like millions of other people, the word C-Panel scares many people away. Because of this, MMT also supplies you with a Step by Step guide when setting up your hosting account to help you every step of the way… This will make your road to success as easy as following a few simple instructions. If that is not enough, MegaMarketingTools has trained professionals that will assist you in setting up your account and a wide assortment of “How To” videos located in the members back office of MegaMarketingTools. As you can see, MegaMarketingTools has taken the guess work out of being successful online with a state of the art system that beginners as well as advanced online marketers will find to be one of the most powerful systems on the planet. Don’t wait any longer, head over to MegaMarketingTools right now and start building your empire on the World Wide Web with HostingMMT

Hosting and Site Builder Software

Hosting and Site Builder Software

Hosting and Site Builder Software

Hosting and Site Builder Software

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