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The money is in the list.

Building Your List

Building Your List

Building Your List

It’s true…One thing that all of the top Internet Marketer’s have in common is that they

have very large lists.

MegaMarketingTools has made it extremely easy for you to start building your list and with the
amazing tools we have to offer you like:

•       “State of the Art” Auto Responder
•       Over 60 Professionally Designed Capture Pages
•       Splash Page builder
•       Hosting
•       Over 200 amazing Training Videos
•       High Quality Flash Banner Makers
•       Live Training events
•       And much more

And the best part is, this system was built for Internet Marketers by internet marketers…

You may be asking; what does this mean for me? Well the answer is, this system can be up and
running in as little as 30 minutes…

The Auto Responder is extremely easy to set up taking about 5 to 10 Minutes and the Splash
Squeeze page builder is insanely easy to use…

Letting a complete novice or Internet “guru” both be up and running in a matter of minutes.

Add to that a powerful Powerful Marketing System that will be at your disposal. This system will
simply launch your online career in the right direction.

Sign up and Start Building Your List Today!  You have nothing to lose and everything to gain…


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Follow this simple suggestion, I will almost guarantee that YOU will make more money in
the long run…

It really is that simple and I will be here to help you every step of the way…

Liberty Reserve Scam

I received the following email notice the disclaimer 


Please note that in all e-mails from Liberty Reserve we will:
1. Always address you by your first name.
2. Never send you any links or attached files.
3. Ask you to send us your password and/or login PIN for updating.

Dear Member,

We detected that you are accessing your account from a different location .
We need you login to your account.
Update your login information . Click on link https://www.libertyreserve.com/en/update

Please DO NOT reply to this e-mail.

For information and support please use our contact form in the help section of our web site.

Thank you.


I liked the part where the email said

  1. Always address you by your first name.
    then notice  it reads Dear Member
  2. Never send you any links or attached files
    then notice their is a link to liberty reserve which did not go to liberty reserve

Lesson to learn is always check the links before clicking then to see if they really go to the website they say 

No to S.987

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Here is the link to the actual bill being voted on January 24th.

Here is a discussion about this bill:

Here is Justin Bieber response to this bill:



As a Web Hosting provider and along with the rest of the hosting companies out there – THIS BILL MAKES US PERSONALLY RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY INFRACTION WHAT SO EVER!!!!!

As a Marketer – this means that using Google Adsense, YouTube, Videos with back ground music, etc – makes us personally liable.

If this bill is passed – it will change the whole game for everyone online.

All websites – will be censored for illegal content, copyright infringement, etc. and if one item is found on any webpage, your whole entire website will considered being an infringement.


JAILED for up to 5 years.
Fined for several thousands of dollars.
Have a Felony added to your record – Say Goodbye to your day job – especially if you have a security type of job & good luck getting any job there after.

This is per infringement.

It’s up to us to fight this. If we don’t they when things change – we wont have anything to complain about – because we have the chance now to stop it.

This bill gets voted on in 4 days.

Take the time today to: WRITE, CALL and/or VISIT YOUR CONGRESSMAN/WOMAN and express your concerns and encourage them to VOTE NO for the BILL H.R.3261

[8:39:33 AM MST] Wayne Miller: I agree. I’ve been sending out similiar msg.
[8:39:56 AM MST] Wayne Miller: dont know if any of you heard about this but I strongly suggest that you look it over today.


NO Arm No Legs No kidding

I Think this is the most inspiring video

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