Sorry I have not sent out any updates sooner due to after returning home from vacation I had to call the sheriff and report my 1982 Toyota pickup stolen, I just spent $1800.00 to have the transmission repaired. On a positive note MMT is growing, MMT has  acquired two small hosting companies and a new business […]


Good Day all Megamarketingtools Clients. My name is Steve Pershall and I am the owner of Megamarketingtools. I wanted to say hi to all MMT clients, their is some changes coming to MMT. I want to keep every one in the loop, but today I am traveling to visit my Mother who is in a […]

How to Get More Opens, Clicks, and Sales From Your Emails

In the next few emails, I’m going to show you how to improve your sender reputation and subscriber engagement so you can get more emails delivered and see a significant increase in your opens, clicks, and sales.   Sound good? Let’s get to it…   Email marketing has changed drastically over the last few years. […]

brute force WordPress attack underway

We’re seeing an unusually large WordPress attack underway. Our automated alert system triggered and posted to FB and Twitter earlier today. The attack is visible on http://www.wordfence.com/ and as you can see it is peaking at 40,000 attacks per minute currently. Normal attack frequency is around 2000 attacks per minute. The attack started at 7:30 AM Pacific Time this […]


In this tutorial I will be covering four topics 1. from email settings 2. comfirmation email settings 3. comfirmation required redirect 4. success sign up redirect

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