Attraction Marketing Don’t Bug Your Friends!

When you join an MLM company, they always tell you to start your business by trying to sell your friends and family on this opportunity. But that really doesn’t set well with you. You just don’t feel right about that. And for good reason.

First of all, your friends and family didn’t come to you interested in your opportunity, so they are not ready.  Secondly, they may not even have the skills or desire to become an MLM distributor or network marketer. Trying to sell them on your opportunity will only turn them off, and maybe even make them start avoiding you.

Here’s a little secret your upline doesn’t want you to know, because they don’t believe it themselves: You should almost never approach people to try to sell your opportunity, whether they are friends and family or strangers on the street.

Then how do you do it, you might ask? The most effective way to sell anything is to get people who want to buy ti to have them to come to you. Imagine that for a moment. Doesn’t that sound a lot easier? Doesn’t that take an enormous amount of pressure off your shoulders? If you do this, you will have more success, not less.

But how do you do this? It is called “attraction marketing.” And if you don’t practice attraction marketing, you will probably be in the 97% of network marketers who fail. Don’t be in that 97%! You can succeed! But you need to learn how to become a “magnet” that draws people to you.

The Secret by Rhonda Byrne is the best program I have ever seen on attraction marketing 

attraction marketing

attraction marketing

attraction marketing