I’m sure you’ve seen the news reports during the last 72+ hours about a “massive” “global” “distributed” brute force attack on WordPress systems.

MegaMarketingTools is no different than any one else  we have seen our share of attacks in the past 72+ hours, you may have notice the intermittent  service outage. This brings me to my next point I would like to make.

Ask your Self  as a hosting Client what is your responsibility to help with the security and stability of the servers?

The biggest responsibility you as a Client have if you are using wordpress is to  keep wordpress and all themes installed up today, by doing this it will insure that hackers will not be able to take advantage of  wordpresses known weaknesses.

If you have wordpress installed do yourself and your hosting provider a huge favor and log into your wordpress and do any updates needed be sure to do this with all wordpress installations on all domains.

then be sure to install wordfence you can read an email I received from wordfence after the attacks started

I have installed wordfence on every domain I manage and i believe this is the most important plugin you can have.
Read about Wordfence if you need help installing wordfence I would be glade to help you install and set it up all you need to do is submit a support ticket