Affiliate Programs, Part 1

Today, I am going to focus on online marketing tools affiliate programs – these are not real exciting, but people need and use them. These programs can bring in monthly or yearly residual income.

Everyone doing business online needs to have hosting. If you can catch people before they start their online business or switch there hosting and recommend a place to go to get their hosting, you can get commissions when they sign up for hosting. As you already know, you have to renew your hosting, and so will your customers. If you can get a commission from them every time they pay for there hosting, it will give you residual income.

Now granted, hosting affiliate programs are not real big money-makers. However, if you can bring in new customers on a regular basis, it can add up.

Another place to make a good commissions from  affiliates programs is a autoresponder affiliate program. Anyone who wants to use an autoresponder  will need a autoresponder account from a  autoresponder company. Autoresponders are charged on a monthly fee. So anyone you sign up will bring you a residual monthly commission. When you get enough people buying you will have a pretty good monthly resdual income, especially if you can keep getting new sign-ups!

All you have to do is to sign up for the affiliate program, and then whenever you send someone to your affiliate link, and someone buys, you will get a commission. And it is a MONTHLY residual income.

Untill next time

Affiliate Programs

Affiliate Programs

Affiliate Programs