How to access your hosting Cpanel.
From the MMT control center.


Accessing MMT Hosting

Accessing your Hosting Cpanel is easy with Mega Marketing tools on click control center

To access your Cpanel you will need to log into your MegaMarketingTools control Center,
locate the main menu at the top of the page → control center → Login  click the log in link




You will be taken to the log in page enter your email address and password and click the log in button



Once you have logged in locate the control center main menu 



Go to  Products/services → My Services click my services


This will load your  Details of the domain you have hosted  you will need to click on the view Details button


When you view the details it will give you all the details of the domain,
bellow the details you will see a button to log into your cpanel click the log into Cpanel


When you click the log in to cpanel button you will be automaticly logged in to your

When you use the MegaMarketingTools control center you will never have to remember your username and password to log into your

Cpanel Cpanel image

Hosting with MMT is made simple with our one click control center
MMT’s Low cost Hosting comes with Auto-responder services



You can access your MMT Control center by clicking the log-in link on the top menu, this will give you access to your cpanel, auto-responder, megasplashpage

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